Saturday, November 22, 2008

About me, I guess you have to have this

Hi all,

Just another lonely wordsmith (don’t you hate that term?) in Southern Alabama
Quick sketch of me:

I’m a military brat, something I am sure I will be writing about later. I was born in California and raised in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Home for all us “brats” is wherever we hang our hats.

I was seriously ill last year. I have leaned not to talk too much about that. It can get you fired. That’s how things happened for me.

I moved from New England to Florida to take the job I was fired from a couple of years ago. I left two almost-gown kids with their father up there, and it kills me every day.

After my illness and job loss, I wound up living with my Mom (Dad died in March) in Alabama. I work for a weekly paper, and I worry about its future.

That’s me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wandering Words


I live in Alabama and an a writer by trade. I'll fill in more later