Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No sense of dencency

I haven't commented on the situation du jour, the “Shutdown” of the U.S. Government.

Until now.

While truly vital stuff is going on as usual, the House, Senate, and President had to do some fast shuffling to keep the troops paid.

That is a good thing.

Social Security payments to me (I have a disability) and my mother (she's 80) have come with slight delays, I understand that they might not happen next month. Mom is not certain about the pension she receives from Dad's 20+ year Navy service.

That's not so good. At least for two ladies who need their income. Still, we are used to sacrificing for our country (See Dad's military service, and Mom is part of the “Greatest” generation.)

That is not going to do anything for the pharmacy, electric company or the food store. (The military Commissary is closed.) Understandibly they want their money.

We can cope for a while, but if you see one old lady and one middle-aged lady on the side of the road, please give if you can.

But I have remained quiet. Until now.

What really has my ire is that I just saw that the Shutdown has cancelled the death benefit paid to the families of fallen servicemembers. This means families can't get to see their loved ones' return, don't get help with the myriad of details that accompany unexpected death.

Yes Republican staffers (hey, they are getting paid) say they will have a bill to correct that, but still . . .

Come on Congress! I know there is a vocal and politically powerful minority in the House that will call down fire and brimstone on anyone who “compromises.”

Uh, Congress? This country was founded on compromise. That one group of people does not have the way, truth and light, and that all need to be respected.

Is there no one member of Congress who has any shame? Have you no sense of decency?

The McCarthy-era quote from Joseph Welch seems appropriate now.

The politicos in Washington have lost their sense of decency.