Monday, December 1, 2008

Survive Thanksgiving?

Survive Thanksgiving?

Well, it looks like we have survived another Thanksgiving holiday. My sister and her family came over, and it was nice to see everyone.

Of course, that lasted 15 minutes.

My brother in law proceeded to get drunk and sniped at my niece, his daughter, because she’s had issues with anorexia.

When he mentioned having Christmas in the mountains, I piped up and said I only get Christmas Day off and had to put in at least six hours in the day before and after to get holiday pay. He scoffed. It’s true.

I feel sorry for my sister. This isn’t a bad guy, but he is ill-mannered. Seeing him sit at the head of the table where my father should have been was hard.

And the killer - it turns out that Mom still wishes she could go to the Florida retirement community that fired me.

I either need to die or get a new family.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

About me, I guess you have to have this

Hi all,

Just another lonely wordsmith (don’t you hate that term?) in Southern Alabama
Quick sketch of me:

I’m a military brat, something I am sure I will be writing about later. I was born in California and raised in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Home for all us “brats” is wherever we hang our hats.

I was seriously ill last year. I have leaned not to talk too much about that. It can get you fired. That’s how things happened for me.

I moved from New England to Florida to take the job I was fired from a couple of years ago. I left two almost-gown kids with their father up there, and it kills me every day.

After my illness and job loss, I wound up living with my Mom (Dad died in March) in Alabama. I work for a weekly paper, and I worry about its future.

That’s me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wandering Words


I live in Alabama and an a writer by trade. I'll fill in more later