Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ok, I am going to break a little cover. Ms. Donna lives on the Gulf coast of Alabama. That is more than you need to know, but it does explain why I have been getting a few calls from worried relatives and friends.

You see, there is a storm out there named Isaac. Forecasters say it will be a hurricane soon, and it looks as of this writing to be headed for the Alabama Gulf coast. So people who know us are freaking.

First, this is not the first hurricane Ms. Donna’s family has experienced. This explains why Ms. Donna’s mother (who Ms. Donna lives with) is nervous. Mom lost a lot when Ivan came through, and that is understandable. Right now, this is not Ivan.

This means that we do know (unlike the idiots who party on the beach) how to prepare, and when to flee.

So family, be assured. We are not stupid.

On the other hand, I do have a little spleen for the media people who are blowing this up into Armageddon. Folks, it is not. Sensible preparation is the order of the day. Not hype.

And I have a lot of spleen and anger at the idiots who ARE going to party like it’s 2099 on the beach or in the storm’s path. You will be putting first responders in jeopardy. If someone says evacuate, leave. Stay sober. A hurricane looks exciting on film, with you safe in your seat, but it is awful to feel walls “breathe” in the wind.

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