Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Last Thing Before I Go

One Last Thing Before I Go

Jonathan Tropper

Drew Silver has been at a dead end in his life for the past seven years. He was part of a “one-hit-wonder” band, whose lead singer left his buddies behind after the hit and went on to superstardom. Silver plays for wedding bands now. Silver’s divorced and lives in a depressing apartment complex filled with other men who have lost their families. The only real entertainment is watching coeds another resident invites over to use the pool. Silver and his buddies know that these young goddesses would shoot them down, so it’s all look and no touch. Mostly.

Silver has a daughter, Casey. She’s headed to Princeton, but her first time has left her pregnant. She tells Silver because he’s the person she care least about letting down.

While at the abortion clinic (Silver ponied up the cash to get Casey’s abortion) Silver has a blackout. He wakes up in the hospital, to find the man who his ex-wife is going to marry is his doctor. (Medical professionals, stop carrying on about ethics. This is fiction. I’ll ignore it if you will.) It seems Silver has a condition that requires immediate surgery. If he does not have it, he will die.

Silver declines surgery. He wants to use the time he has left to talk to his daughter, and become a “better man.”

This and what happens next is disheartening and yes, hilarious. Everybody wants to do the right thing, but no one knows how to do it. Secrets are exposed, the ex-wife marries, and Silver’s father, a Rabbi, takes him on life events.

The Silver family is like every family. Scared sometimes, doing the wrong thing more often than not, but wanting desperately to be together.

Five-plus stars for this warm-hearted, funny book. Get this one immediately, and prepare to laugh out loud and hug those closest to you.



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