Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fifteen Digits

Fifteen Digits

Nick Santora

Poor but deserving young man is willing to work hard for a better life.

Cue Horatio Alger.

Not so fast.

Rich Mauro, that deserving young man, has just landed a job in the print/mailroom of a high-toned law firm. The job comes courtesy of a partner in the firm, a lawyer who botched one and only one case. The case involved the deaths of Mauro’s parents. Mauro is going to night school planning to get into law school. Then on to a white-shoe firm and happily ever after.

Mauro has a lovely fiancĂ©e, but her striving parents aren’t happy about their girl falling for him. It is going to take forever (Mauro thinks) to get to where he wants.

Until another lawyer in the firm shows Mauro and the others in his department how to make a small fortune, fast. It involves the confidential information that passes through the department every day. Using that information is completely and totally illegal.
What will Mauro do? What will the consequences be for Mauro and his friends?

Santora has written a fast-paced thriller that focuses attention on the people we tend to ignore. It is not a political screed, and Santora makes a few characters a little too good to be true. But it is a good read, and one that people looking for the next Grisham will want to pick up.

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