Friday, December 28, 2012

The Gift of Stoppage Time

The Gift of Stoppage Time

Mark Vincent Lincir

This book was provided by Goodreads First Reads.

Niko, a was-been soccer player, is content to drift through life. Until he finds himself organizing a rag-tag soccer game for a dying friend.

It’s a good premise. BUT Lincir ruins what could be a magical story with two things: Use of the first-person for the narrative and too-many-to-enumerate spelling and grammatical errors. Try page 26. “Tomislav sounded slightly exacerbated. . .”

The word exacerbated means, according to Merriam-Webster Online, “: to make more violent, bitter, or severe

I think the author meant exasperated. It’s one of the errors a spell-checker can lead the unwary into.

A reader can ignore (or grumble about the errors), but using the first-person point of view, makes the story narrow. It also forces Niko to do some round-about explaining of things that happened before the story opens. This is not good for the reader.

Having said all that, you are probably running from the book as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo down a soccer field.


The Gift of Stoppage Time is a good story. People will be able to see themselves in the protagonist, and the message (the book is not preachy) that we have to do good for others is always timely.

I would encourage Lincir to write. He has the gift.

But, next time, hire a proofreader.

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