Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pink snow in Alabama

Pink snow in Alabama

Stella was busy this morning. I got up and Mom said, “Look what Stella did.”
I looked carefully around the hall and the floor before she said, “outside.”
There was dark pink cushion stuffing in Mom’s yard, mostly around the wrought-iron patio set off the cement porch pad. But the stuff had drifted in tiny clumps all over the yard.
“What happened,” I said stupidly. I already knew that hound had something to do with it.
Mom explained that she looked out and saw Stella prancing around the yard, worrying one of the chair pads to tatters.

“She looked like she was having so much fun. Her four paws were coming off the ground, her tail was up and she just looked so happy,” Mom said.
Mom said yesterday that the 50-plus pound hound was carrying the cushion (the same one she destroyed this morning) around, and got it away from her. I suggested that we put the cushions in the storage box in the back, but Mom said “no.” She planned to replace the cushions in the spring anyway. The object of Stella’s attention already had a small tear.
I asked Mom if she punished Stella for her bad behavior.
No, she did not. Then Mom realized that if we don’t keep Stella off the cushions she is going to tear up the new ones.
So, how do we keep Stella off the cushions?
On the plus side, I was glad the dog was playing. That is something she has not done since she came here. I took her for a walk the other day, and she shied from the umbrella in my hand. It was clear someone had hit her with a stick. Mom adopted Stella a few months ago and it is clear the dog has not had an easy life.
GRRRRRR. I think that human needs some remediation. Preferably with a bigger stick.
On the other hand, I was not thrilled do be outside on a cold, damp morning picking up Stella’s mess!

Adventures in dog-owning …

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